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UCLA Football: Son of Deion Sanders Expelled Due To Personal Attack colorado vs ucla

The targeting call cost the Buffaloes a valuable defender! colorado vs ucla

The Bruins and Coach Prime’s Colorado Buffaloes are currently playing a close 7–6 game.

Midway through the second quarter, Shilo Sanders was called for targeting; this could have been a big break for the Bruins.

Sanders was having a great game up to this point already forcing a turnover by forcing a fumble on star runningback Carson Steele early in the second quarter.Sanders had 36 total tackles on the season and 3 turnovers, so the Buffaloes will miss a big playmaker for the rest of the game.

It is up to the Bruins to take advantage of the missing safety now and score some points on a weakened Buffaloes defense.

It’s never a good moment when a player is ejected for targeting. Despite being a good or bad call, we imagine Prime will have a lot to say about his son after the game concludes.

Shilo Sanders’s Targeting Ejection Has Many College Football Fans Very Upset

Colorado already faced a formidable opponent in No. 25 UCLA on Saturday night; after all, the Bruins are led by Chip Kelly, and the Buffaloes haven’t exactly been impenetrable defensively this year.

But one play in particular in the first half further exposed Colorado’s defense. UCLA running back Carsen Ryan was hit hard by Buffaloes safety Shilo Sanders with 3:18 remaining in the second quarter. He was quickly ejected from the game after the officials accused him of targeting him as he was celebrating.

College football fans and onlookers reacted negatively to Sanders’s ejection, with many of them thinking he had delivered a clean, albeit forceful, hit.

“WHAT HAPPENED TO THE GAME WE LOVE?” questioned ESPN pundit and former Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III, fanning the flames.Many people questioned how Sanders was meant to tackle Ryan in this circumstance.

Many people questioned how Sanders was meant to tackle Ryan in this circumstance.

One issue that was mentioned as being specific to college football was the targeting rule’s inconsistency.

The standard “flag football” charges were made.

The fact that Sanders seemed to lead with his shoulder when the targeting rule is meant to penalize defenders who lead with their head was a common argument made against his ejection.

Another response focused on Ryan’s apparent upfield turn, which would have made him a ballcarrier and altered the play’s officiating.

As usual, some viewers also had jokes.

Just before the game against UCLA, Colorado head coach Deion Sanders sends out a brief message

colorado vs ucla

UCLA will ensure that doesn’t occur. The eighth game of the season between your UCLA Bruins and the mysterious head coach Deion Sanders of the Colorado Buffaloes is officially underway. Being a well-known figure in college football, we pay attention to what Sanders has to say when he speaks or tweets.

An hour before their matchup with UCLA, take a look at his most recent tweet.For Deion and his team, it’s that easy, but the Bruins will try to sabotage that and put on a show for their home crowd.

On this homecoming night, the Rose Bowl ought to be packed in primetime as the Bruins try to secure their sixth victory of the campaign.

Chip Kelly and company want the victory, but Deion win; we’ll find out in a couple of hours who wants it more and who comes out victorious. Buckle up for an incredible display of football, Bruin fanswants the

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