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As it happened,india vs new zealand in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 semifinal

We’ve closed this blog now. Thank you for being here. The following were the updates from November 15, 2023, during the ICC Cricket World Cup semifinal match between india vs new zealandindia vs new zealand

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Our first World Cup finalists have been determined. India, who are undefeated, will play in the championship game on Sunday in Ahmedabad.

The opposition against them will be revealed tomorrow when Australia plays South Africa at Kolkata’s Eden Gardens.

Join us then for more live coverage of this tournament.

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It was crucial to maintain composure.

Following the game, India’s victorious captain, Rohit Sharma, spoke with the media.

“I understand that you can’t unwind when you’re behind on this score. You must persevere and finish the task as soon as possible, he advised.

“You have to maintain composure even though we knew there would be pressure on us and some partnerships.”

Sharma mentioned the tense atmosphere in Mumbai as New Zealand threatened to cause a major upset.

We had to maintain our composure because Mitchell and Williamson batted so well, he said.

The audience did not speak for a while, but that is part of the excitement of the game. We were aware that we had to extract something.

We had to maintain our composure because Mitchell and Williamson batted so well, he said.

The audience did not speak for a while, but that is part of the excitement of the game. We were aware that we had to extract something.

“This was one opportunity we refused to pass up.”

Shami, the seven-wicket hero, has been thinking back on his incredible Mumbai performance.

He remarked, “I tried to keep things simple and was waiting for my chance.” “Variation is heavily emphasized, but I think it’s important to get the ball up.” The fact that there was a catch dropped disappointed me a little. However, the slower ball was fortunately working, and I was thrilled to get Williamson out of the game.

He also talked about how he was feeling during that Williamson-Mitchell partnership, when New Zealand was beginning to really get into the game.

“We’ve been this close before, but this time we weren’t going to let it happen.”Proceed. When will the next opportunity present itself?

For New Zealand, the end of the road

Four years ago, New Zealand advanced to the competition’s final, but they are unable to do so this time.

Although chasing 398 was always going to be difficult for them, Williamson and Mitchell deserve praise for their incredible partnership, which made India work hard.

The Black Caps batsmen can go home with their heads held high, but in the end, Shami proved to be too much for them.

Shami’s incredible seven

In that innings, Shami was simply amazing.

After taking two wickets in the first ten overs, he went on to take some vital ones when New Zealand appeared to be a serious threat.

Shami was the unsung hero with the ball if Kohli was the star for India at the bat. With 23 wickets so far in this tournament, he holds the record for most wickets.india vs new zealand

All over! Win by 70 runs for India

As the final player to enter, Ferguson smacks Shami for six over deep mid-wicket. Snap!

He attempts a second but edges behind, giving Shami seven wickets! Amazing bowling.

In the World Cup final, India is through.

No mercy! Shami’s got six. 321-9 New Zealand

What a day it has been for Shami, his final over of the day.

He chooses to take one more wicket because he is not content with his five.

Southee is out for nine, fishing at one on the off side. Rahul makes a diving grab to take it as he edges behind.

48 overs, 320-8 for New Zealand

In 12 balls, New Zealand needs to score 78 runs.

Best of luck.
No mercy! Sharma catches Santner! 319-8 New Zealand

Siraj is back and will be motivated to reward himself for his efforts today with a late wicket.

And he succeeds!

Santner waits for the ball to come to him and catches it with his bat’s toe end only after he delivers a slower ball bouncer.

Sharma easily catches it as it loops up in the air. It’s almost finished.

313-7 in 47 overs for New Zealand

India was put to the test today, and they were undoubtedly anxious when Williamson and Mitchell started to pile up runs.

Nonetheless, the Black Caps have been unable to overcome the hosts’ wealth of bowling talent.

It’s Bumrah’s tenth over of the innings. He had a rough start, but today he has bowled really well.

As Southee stretches to shank a wide delivery to cover, he almost has another wicket. He tracks down Sharma, who, blinded by the floodlights, lets go of the catch.

One more over to go.

46 overs, 308-7 New Zealand

Shami’s five-wicket performance today is well deserved. From the beginning, he has bowled brilliantly.

As New Zealand is heading out of this World Cup, Southee is the next man in and scores one run.
No mercy! Jadeja manages to catch Mitchell! 306-7 New Zealand

Jadeja has three catches in a row and Shami has five wickets!

The New Zealand player connects with Shami’s second delivery of the over, lofting the ball over mid-wicket, after swinging and missing the first ball of the over.

But Jadeja is the one who’s gotten him in the deep end.

Mitchell finishes an incredible innings with 134 runs off of 119 balls.

45 overs. New Zealand 306-6

300 is up for New Zealand, but unless Mitchell can pull off a miracle you sense this game is almost up for the Black Caps. A quick single puts Mitchell on strike against Bumrah but he’s unable to hit a four or a six and has to take a single to put Santner back in. A few more singles see New Zealand move to 306-6. Just seven off the over, it’s not enough.

44 overs. New Zealand 299-6

A brilliant over from Kuldeep at this stage of the game. He kept things tight and secured another key wicket. That’s his lot for this innings. 10 overs, 56 runs, one wicket.

Wicket! Chapman is caught out! New Zealand 298-6

Another New Zealander is caught by Jadeja on the rope! This time it’s Chapman off the bowling of Kuldeep. Just two runs off five balls for the Kiwi batsman.

Wicket! Jadeja catches Phillips on the rope! New Zealand 295-5

There’s a run out chance off the first ball of Bumrah’s eighth over, but the replay shows it was not out and New Zealand pick up two more. Phillips reads a yorker well to open the face of his bat and edge the ball behind for a boundary behind third man. He nicks the next ball behind, but it doesn’t carry and he lives to fight another day. But his luck runs out! He tries to smash an effort over cover but finds Jadeja who safely takes the catch on the rope

.42 overs. New Zealand 288-4

Kuldeep picks up four dot balls from his first five deliveries, much to the delight of the crowd. New Zealand are struggling to read his spin. Just two runs conceded, with india vs new zealand .New Zealand needing 110 from 48 balls. 41 overs. New Zealand 286-4 Siraj continues his spell as we enter the final 10 overs in Mumbai. Phillips hits him for a huge six off his third ball, picking up a wide yorker to smash the ball over point. He backs it up with another six from a full toss, as the strain begins to show on the faces of some of the Indian fans in the crowd. Siraj sends two of his balls wide, gifting New Zealand runs and more balls to attack. Phillips goes for one of them, smashing a boundary through the off side. Twenty from the over for New Zealand. This isn’t over

40 overs, 257-4 New Zealand

Phillips swings hard at Shami’s opening ball of the over, missing. The next ball he catches, however, he finds a fielder in the deep. Mitchell starts the over on a single and rips a six off the penultimate ball of Shami’s over, over the fine leg. In ten overs, New Zealand must score 132 runs.

39 overs, 257-4 New Zealand

Siraj’s second ball, which finds a gap between two fielders, is edged by Phillips for four. Taking his time, the bowler adjusts the field with his captain in between balls. Mitchell finds the rope once more as he tosses his bat down the off-side at a wider ball.

38 overs, 245-4 New Zealand

Mitchell scores his initial off the fourth ball of the over from Shami, six for a while. A few times this innings, he has played a shot that is driven straight down the ground. India will remain apprehensive as long as Mitchell is there. At the end of the over, New Zealand needs 141 off 66 balls.

36 overs, 231-4 New Zealand

Jadeja is requesting LBW for his initial delivery. Upon observing that Mitchell got his glove on the ball before it hit his pad, the umpire signals that play is over. For the first time, Phillips finds the boundary and makes a cut past the point. If New Zealand is to win this one, he will require a few more of them. Off 84 balls, New Zealand needs 167 runs.

35 overs, 224-4 for New Zealand

There’s a lot of anticipation now that Shami is back. Mitchell takes a swing at his fourth ball, missing it by a wide margin. That was really not that far from the stumps. Three off the over, only. There are fifteen overs left, and the run rate is just under 11.5.

34 overs, 221-4 for New Zealand

Jadeja continues to work hard for India. The crowd is chanting as the field players are alert. Now, it seems like a completely different game. Phillips tries to work things out, as Mitchell seems to be telling him to do. Just one more over as the run rate gradually rises again.

33 overs, 220-4 New Zealand

Shami has altered the course of this game. Phillips approaches two balls holding the

audience cheering Shami on. Although he makes it through, does that mean India will advance to the championship match?

No mercy! Latham is playing duck! 220-4 New Zealand

Shami is up to two! Shami catches Latham with one that appeared pretty plumb, so he’s out LBW. The Kiwi walks off without making an attempt to engage. Wankhede is thumping along.

No mercy! Williamson is caught on the rope! New Zealand 220-3

Mitchell reaches his century with a single off of Shami’s opening pitch! Many Indian supporters join in the cheers, praising the New Zealander for an outstanding innings. But the next ball, his partner is out! Williamson tries a massive six over the leg side, but Suryakumar catches him at deep mid-wicket. What Shami did once again!

32 overs, 219-2 for New Zealand

At the end of that drinks break, the Indian players got together for a huddle. They are going to be desperate to stop New Zealand from pulling this off. Jadeja makes his way back for his eighth over of the day as Mitchell approaches 100 runs. As soon as the bowler finds three consecutive dots, one of which turns dramatically, the audience is back up on their feet. Mitchell moves up to 99 with a single. Williamson smashes a four through the off side to end the over.

31 overs, 212-2 New Zealand

After Bumrah’s opening ball, Mitchell adds another six to the New Zealand 200. This brings him up to 96. The Indian players are beginning to have a now that things aren’t going their way, they are a little worried. Williamson drives a half volley past mid-off and grabs four more. Conversely, Mitchell is only two shy of a century. Drinks should be had now.

30 overs, 199-2 New Zealand

Currently, New Zealand needs ten and over, but they are still a possibility. With Williamson maintaining stability on the other end and Mitchell leading the way, the 150 partnership is over. Williamson takes Kuldeep’s third ball of the over for four runs after he finds a gap at deep mid-wicket. Mitchell appears to be motivated by that, as he reverse sweeps to the rope at a deep backwards point for an additional four. In that one, New Zealand needed 10 runs per over and scored 11.

New Zealand, 29 overs 188–2.

Returning to try and accomplish something for India is Bumrah. At this point, New Zealand is about 20 runs behind India. Mitchell mishits one, causing it to soar over mid-wicket. It runs through for four, stopping short of the rope. After three balls, Williamson strikes it lucky once more! He hits a clean blow to Shami at mid-wicket, allowing the fielder to squander a relatively simple opportunity. That’s a huge disappointment for New Zealand.

28 overs, 180-2 for New Zealand

Given Mitchell’s batting performance this evening, anyone who witnessed Glenn Maxwell’s double hundred against Afghanistan at this stadium may be beginning to experience flashbacks. Is tonight going to be another amazing run chase? In the final over, Mitchell’s six was the longest hit in this competition. He should hit a few more tonight, in my opinion. Kuldeep’s most recent over yields six to New Zealand, who now lead 180–2.

27 overs, 174-2 New Zealand

As Jadeja keeps working, Mitchell will soon start attacking him once more. He smacks one over deep mid-wicket with a six. That landing in the uppermost tier of the stand was huge. India is having difficulty ending this collaboration.

26 overs, 165-2 New Zealand

Although there isn’t much anxiety among the Indian supporters just yet, there is a sense of unease at Wankhede Stadium. Williamson hits a single off Kuldeep to reach his half-century. This was a good effort by the captain of New Zealand. Two balls later, he nearly loses his partner with Mitchell mistimes a shot as he approaches the wicket and it soars through the air. Between two fielders, it drops, and the New Zealander only loses to one.

25 overs, 161-2 for New Zealand

While New Zealand keeps the scoreboard ticking over, Jadeja keeps tearing through his overs. Mitchell hits a fuller ball for six more runs by smashing it back over the bowler’s head. This tournament, he has enjoyed taking on the India attack. The Black Caps are down ten from the over.

24 overs, 151-2 New Zealand

Thanks in large part to Mitchell and Williamson’s efforts, New Zealand has reached 150. Kuldeep is making easy runs for them, but they are mostly singles rather than fours or sixes. Another big leg before wicket (LBW) appeal has been dismissed.

the over’s fourth ball, but it seemed like there was an inside edge.

23 overs. New Zealand 149-2

The 50 is up for Mitchell as he reaches his half century off Jadeja’s first ball. It took him 49 balls to reach that mark. After that, the bowler’s last ball of the over gives him a nightmare. In an attempt to catch Williamson outside of his crease, he gathers the ball and takes aim towards the stumps. The throw is awful, flying past the stumps and out to the boundary. Careless.

22 overs, 133-2 New Zealand

It’s all a bit flat for India right now after a crazy opening ten overs. Williamson and Mitchell are developing a solid alliance, and if New Zealand can hold onto wickets however, this could still be their chance. Kuldeep’s fourth over of the innings yields eight wickets for New Zealand, including a boundary from Williamson that pushes their partnership past 100.

21 overs, 133-2 New Zealand

Jadeja bowls the 21st over of this innings with more spin. He is pleading for LBW after his second delivery, but it is a feeble and unconvinced cry. Bumrah dives down to stop runs at short fine leg, making up for his previous mishandling of the ball. Then Mitchell decides to go all out, crashing a six over long on after cutting down the wicket.

New Zealand 124-2 after 20 overs:

Bumrah allows a ball to pass through his legs at gully, giving Mitchell a boundary. Kuldeep keeps things tight as the needed run rate approaches nine per over.

19 overs, 118-2 for New Zealand

For his third over of the day, Jadeja is back.

With just three runs off it, it’s much quieter than the previous over.

This collaboration now stands at 79.

18 overs, 114-2 New Zealand

New Zealand keeps getting runs off of Kuldeep. Against the best efforts of a fielder in the deep, Williamson clubs him for four through the leg side.

India and the next ball are requesting LBW. Even though the umpire is uninterested, India chooses to review.

Williamson plays across it, completely missing the ball. The umpire’s call saved the New Zealand captain’s life even though the ball was about to strike the leg stump.

A couple of balls and he might be out! He searches for one, then changes his mind and scurries back to his crease. Though it was a close call, Williamson appears to have arrived home just in time. Rahul might even have

Before he even had the ball in his hands, he had broken the stumps with his gloves.

An exciting end.

After 17 overs, New Zealand leads 104-2.

Shields comes back to try to add to his two wicket tally. Mitchell is beginning to settle in and hits a textbook straight drive for six over the bowler’s head. He then adds four more through the off side to push New Zealand past 100. It looks like the pitch is beginning to favour the batsmen.

16 overs, 93-2 New Zealand

After the drinks break, the game continues, with Kuldeep joining the India attack.

Mitchell brings up his 50-run partnership with Williamson, both batsmen having performed admirably to withstand some excellent overs from India not too long ago.

With six coming from the over, India is happy to let New Zealand pick up one and two wickets.

15 overs, 87-2 New Zealand

Williamson opens the innings in an unusual fashion with the first six runs. The ball soars over the top of the sight screen behind the batsman after he top edges Siraj’s opening delivery of the over.

He keeps riding his luck, managing to find the boundary for four more with another inside edge.

With New Zealand down 13 on the over, it’s time for a few drinks.

14 overs, 74-2 New Zealand

Jadeja keeps going, and he is beginning to notice some progress.

Mitchell got off to just two off the over. They currently need nine overs, which is nowhere near enough for New Zealand.

13 overs, 72-2 New Zealand

Williamson takes advantage of Siraj’s opening ball.

A cross seam delivery ties him up in knots and sends the ball flying off his thigh pad behind him.

He then pursues Siraj, hitting him with a second delivery that goes through the point for four.

If New Zealand hopes to win tonight, they will need to increase their run rate.

12 overs, 62-2 New Zealand

It’s time to spin things, and Jadeja is joining the fray.

Off his third ball, India has launched a major appeal, arguing that Mitchell was caught behind an attempted sweep. The replay reveals the ball came off the umpire’s arm, but he remained motionless.

Just one limit from above.

11 overs, 54-2 New Zealand

Mitchell lofts a drive over mid-off for four to bring his country up to 50.

If New Zealand is to have any chance in this chase, he needs a few more of them.

He finds one just in time! Mitchell pulls a shorter ball through square after Siraj delivers it.

10 overs, 46-2 New Zealand

Returning with the intention of grabbing more wickets, Shami nearly succeeds.

Mitchell almost plays a ball onto his own stumps, but it misses the mark by a whisker.

The Indian bowler then hits Williamson with another exquisite delivery that narrowly misses the edge.

With ten overs remaining, New Zealand is fortunate to have only dropped two.

New Zealand 40-2 after nine overs.

This tournament is displaying a lot of movement under the lights, and India is really taking advantage of it.

In this over, Bumrah presses Williamson with a lot of questions, but he is unable to get the breakthrough.

Not a run from it, and India is still in the lead.

Eight overs, 40-2 New Zealand

Mitchell starts with an unfavorable situation.

Shami’s unplayable deliveries are making the ball sing.

He makes it through the last few balls of the over.

No mercy! Ravindra takes a backseat! 39-2 in New Zealand

Shami is regularly defeating the outside edge by finding the ideal line and length.

Ravindra pulls off a stunning drive past long off for four after doing well to survive.

He doesn’t, however, live very long. Rahul takes it safely after Shami finds the tiniest of edges off Ravindra’s bat. It’s another beautiful ball.

India is taking off.

New Zealand 35-1 after seven overs.

Returning for a second chance, Bumrah is looking for greater consistency.

The fact that he is beginning to move is making things more difficult for these batsmen from New Zealand.

India has made a strong plea to be caught behind Williamson. Although the replay indicates that the ball, not the bat, flicked his thigh pad, he was still beaten all the way up.

With just one more game left, Bumrah is regaining his form.

Six overs, 34-1 New Zealand

Shami is off to a fantastic start, and this is giving Kane Williamson, the number three player in New Zealand, a lot of trouble.

Williamson narrowly avoids giving Williamson’s fifth ball of the over any edge.

With the last ball of the over, the captain of New Zealand hits a fuller ball through the off side and finds the boundary.

A little bit beyond Shami.

No mercy! Conway receives his first ball from Shami! 30-1 New Zealand

What a fantastic start for Shami!

Conway gets out on the first ball. Rahul reacts quickly to take a diving catch to his left after he draws a thick outside edge.

The daunting task facing New Zealand now appears even more daunting.
Cricket – 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup – Semi-Final – India vs New Zealand – November 15, 2023 – Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai, India Mohammed Shami of India celebrates after Devon Conway of New Zealand is taken out by KL Rahul. Reuters/Abidi, Adnan

Five circles. 30-0 New Zealand

Right now, Bumrah is completely off the radar. Another wide delivery that flies behind for four byes is sent down by him.

The bowler finds his line with an inswinging delivery that almost found the space between Ravindra’s bat and pad, but it’s uncharacteristic of him.

New Zealand 23-0 after four overs.

Although New Zealand is off to a strong start, the Indian total still seems enormous.

Ravindra detects a boundary before Siraj, with four dot balls, evens the score. The stroke was executed with ease, gliding off his hip and through his square leg.

Out of the over, just four.

Three strikes. 19 0 New Zealand

Bumrah is bowling down the leg side in an attempt to find Conway’s bat edge, but occasionally a ball is veering wide.

He then circumnavigates the wicket to add some variation. With his fourth delivery, he gets an inside edge, but the ball misses Conway’s stumps by a wide margin.

Making him pay, the New Zealander smashes another drive through the off-side for four more points.

Two sets. New Zealand defeats

Siraj retrieves the fresh ball from its opposite end.

He gets off to a great start, hitting four straight dot balls while Ravindra finds it difficult to get off the mark.

This outfield’s pace is demonstrated by the fifth ball of the over. The ball gets a thick outside edge and races past third man.

Only four out of the total.

8-0 New Zealand, one over.

Bumrah gets off to a great start for New Zealand, sending his opening delivery wide down the legside. Conway smacks it away for four at backwards point without needing an invitation.

After two balls, he plays a nearly exact shot and finds the rope once more.

Bumrah’s last two balls are superior, drawing no stroke from Conway.

The athletes have left again.

New Zealand will soon have to start chasing under the lights.

Conway and Ravindra are standing at the crease.

The bowling will begin with Bumrah. Off we go.

Celebrities in Mumbai

This evening at the Wankhede Stadium, there is no shortage of famous faces.

Football star David Beckham, who is visiting India for the first time, and Indian legend Sachin Tendulkar were interviewed during the intermission.

When asked about Kohli surpassing his record, Tendulkar related a tale from their mutual acquaintances.

“It still sticks in my memory that the other players played a practical joke on him the first day he entered the Indian dressing room, telling him he needed to touch my feet to receive my blessing.”

Since then, a lot has happened, and Tendulkar expressed his pride in Kohli’s accomplishments.

That’s what dreams are made of.

Of course, Virat Kohli was India’s star of the show. He surpassed his hero Sachin Tendulkar’s record to reach 50 ODI centuries.

He talked about his feelings during the intermission.

It’s really hard for me to describe, but if I could create the ideal image, I would want this to be it. It’s the stuff of dreams.

He also talked about the important part he plays in this Indian side.

“Winning for my team is the most important thing to me, and I’m willing to go above and beyond to achieve that.

“I’m attempting to play the role that I’ve been given in this tournament to the best of my capacity.”

Here is additional reading for fans of Kohli, in case you can’t get enough of him.

Climbing a mountain in New Zealand

We are grateful to Rohan for leading us during that incredible India innings.

Here’s Adam Hancock. I will be following the New Zealand chase, which is about to start.

To win, they need to score an enormous 398.

India vs. New Zealand: India’s performance in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 semifinal for india


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