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FIFA World Cup qualifier between Peru and Argentina HIGHLIGHTS: Argentina defeats Peru 2023 with two goals from Messi NEW UPDATE

peru vs argentina Get live updates, the result, and the highlights of the Argentina vs. Peru World Cup qualifying match at the Estadio Nacional de Lima.

A Marquee Showdown: Messi’s Double Delight Secures Victory for Argentina Over Peru”

In a thrilling FIFA World Cup qualifier clash that had fans on the edge of their seats, Lionel Messi showcased his legendary prowess, scoring a brilliant brace to lead Argentina to a well-deserved victory against a spirited Peru side. The 2023 encounter between these two South American giants was nothing short of a football spectacle.

The match kicked off with palpable anticipation at Peru’s Estadio Nacional in Lima. Both teams were fighting tooth and nail for precious World Cup qualification points, and it showed from the very first whistle. The Peruvian crowd was in full voice, creating a raucous atmosphere, eager to witness their national team pull off an upset against Messi and his star-studded Argentine lineup.

The first half was a tightly contested battle, with Peru displaying commendable resilience in defense. Argentina’s attacks were met with staunch resistance, led by the likes of Andre Carrillo and Christian Ramos. Peru’s counter-attacks also showed promise, with players like Christian Cueva and Renato Tapia testing the Argentine defense.

However, it was Lionel Messi who ultimately broke the deadlock. In the 38th minute, he showcased his world-class dribbling and precise finishing, weaving through a sea of defenders before calmly slotting the ball into the back of the net. The crowd may have been disappointed, but they couldn’t help but appreciate the sheer brilliance of the Barcelona legend.

As the second half began, Peru had their work cut out for them. They upped their intensity, creating several scoring opportunities, but Argentina’s defense, led by Nicolas Otamendi and Marcos Acuña, held firm. The Peruvian fans kept roaring, urging their team forward.

In the 66th minute, Messi struck again. This time, it was a pinpoint free-kick that left Peru’s goalkeeper with no chance. His second goal of the night was another masterpiece in his storied career. The Estadio Nacional fell silent for a moment, recognizing the genius in front of them.

Peru refused to back down, and in the 80th minute, they found a lifeline. Renato Tapia’s thunderous strike from outside the box found the back of the net, igniting the hopes of the home crowd. But Argentina managed to hold on for the remainder of the match, displaying a resilient defense.

In the end, it was Lionel Messi’s magic that made the difference. Argentina emerged victorious with a 2-1 scoreline, further solidifying their place in the race for the FIFA World Cup 2023.

The match will be remembered not only for Messi’s brilliance but also for the spirited performance put up by Peru. The Estadio Nacional may not have witnessed a victory for their team, but they had the privilege of witnessing a football legend at his best.

As the World Cup qualifiers continue, football enthusiasts around the globe eagerly await more thrilling encounters that remind us why this sport is often described as the beautiful game.

For Lionel Scaloni’s team to maintain its perfect record in the 2026 World Cup qualifying, the captain delivered another memorable performance.

Was there anything else to be anticipated? Lionel Messi might actually disappear for a month. Even though the Argentine hasn’t been in top form or been fully fit lately, he hasn’t exactly slowed down either. He demonstrated this on Tuesday night when he scored twice to help Argentina defeat Peru 2-0 in World Cup qualifying.

Early on, there were warning signs. The Argentine went on a signature mazy run in the opening minutes, and Messi curled a free-kick that stung the palms of Peru goalkeeper Pedro Gallese.

Then the goals came. Wonderful work went into the first shot, a controlled volley from the top of the box that a Nico Gonzalez cutback sent flying into the top corner. The second shot, which was taken from the same spot but hit lower and to the keeper’s right, had a similar appearance.

After the break, he nearly added a third goal, but a tap-in was correctly disallowed following a VAR review. A resolute Argentina defense held onto the lead with ease as Peru attempted to rally and enjoyed some attacking spells, capping off a perfect evening for Lionel Scaloni’s team.

Players from Argentina are rated by GOAL at Estadio Nacional de Lima.

keeper and defense

Alberto Martinez (6/10):

After 30 minutes, almost lobbed. made a few effective saves. He’ll accept the spotless record.

(5/10) Gonzalo Montiel

Early on, some shaky defending nearly exposed Argentina. injured and replaced after 34 minutes.

7/10 for Cristian Romero

As hard in a tackle as was expected, and active in the second goal’s setup. substituted in the second

with apparent discomfort, about half.

6/10 for Nicolas Otamendi

Almost never in danger and reliable when he needed to recover.

7/10 for Nico Tagliofico

He played solidly defensively and provided useful width down the left.


6/10 for Rodrigo De Paul

tenacious and tough in a tackle. On the ball, not quite as expansive.

(7/10) Alexis Mac Allister

A strong midfield display overall. regained possession of the ball and kept things moving.

(8/10) Enzo Fernandez

with a skillful cut-back, assisted Messi’s second. played the game from midfield. a good performance.
Argentina Peru 2023 Attack by Lionel Messi

Messi, Lionel (9/10):

Put a free kick on goal right away. did not have a lot of time with the ball in the first half. scored two excellent goals, one very good goal, and had a third goal disallowed.

7/10 for Julian Alvarez

Messi’s second was set up by an excellent dummy. His movement was generally very good.

(7.0/10) Nico Gonzalez

Lively and wide-ranging down the left, helping to set up Messi’s opening goal. May

enough to earn a regular spot in this side.
Argentina Peru 2023 Subs & Manager Lionel Scaloni

6/10 for Lucas Quarta

a strong performance after making an impact in the first half.

(6/10) German Pezzella

when he was introduced to replace the hurt Romero, he didn’t have much to do.

(6) Marcos Acuna

when Tagliafico wore out, useful legs at left-back.

(N/A) Giovani Lo Celso

No time to make a difference

Martinez, Lautauro (N/A):

No time to make a difference.

8/10 for Lionel Scaloni

I tried to play a side that started the final in Qatar last winter, and it was very simple. Argentina were a reasonably strong team, and his star player contributed. He will take all three points in an adversarial area.

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