Police in Lewiston, Maine report that at least 16 people have been shot dead. This is shocking news.

Police in Lewiston, Maine report that at least 16 people have been shot dead. This is shocking news. Multiple law enforcement officials told CBS News that at least 16 people were killed in shootings in Lewiston, Maine, on Wednesday night. However, they also said that the number of fatalities may have exceeded 20.

It was unclear how many had been shot, but several reports stated that at least 50 people had been hurt. According to police, a suspect was still at large.

At a late-night news conference on Wednesday, Maine Public Safety Commissioner Mike Sauschuck stated, “I don’t have firm numbers” regarding the death toll.

As a person of interest in the shootings, 40-year-old Robert Card is being sought after by the authorities, the Lewiston Police Department announced late on Wednesday night on Facebook. He is regarded as dangerous and armed.

Based on a Maine law enforcement bulletin that was viewed by news Corp., Card is a qualified firearms instructor from Saco, Maine, and is reportedly stationed in the Army reserve.

The bulletin states that he recently disclosed mental health concerns, including hearing voices. The bulletin stated that he had also threatened to blow up the National Guard base in Saco, Maine, and that he had spent two weeks this summer being admitted to a mental health facility.

Police in Lisbon, Maine found Card’s car, which was subsequently put under lockdown, according to Sauschuck. Lewiston and Lisbon are separated by about seven miles.

Shortly before 7 p.m., according to Sauschuck, the shootings started. Shortly after 8 p.m. ET, the Maine State Police announced that they were looking into “multiple locations” and advised the public to seek shelter in

spot. Maine State Police posted on social media, pleading with people to stay inside their locked homes.

According to Lewiston police, they were called to two locations: Sparetime Recreation, a bowling alley, and Schemengee Restaurant. It looks like it would take ten minutes to drive between the two locations.

Police released pictures of a suspect and asked anyone who might recognize him or her to get in touch with them.

Authorities also released a picture of a white car and requested that anyone who recognized it get in touch with Lewiston police. Although it matched the description of a car that Card was known to have been driving from the law enforcement bulleting, it was not immediately clear if this was the same vehicle that had been found in Lisbon.

In a statement, the Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston stated that it was “responding to a mass casualty, mass shooter incident,” but it did not provide any additional information regarding the quantity of patients or the seriousness of their wounds.

In relation to the shootings, the Central Maine Medical Center was sending “one patient transport” to the Maine Medical Center in Portland. “Alerted on-call staff and created critical care and operating room capacity in anticipation of potential patient transports,” the Portland hospital stated.

Lewiston is located to the west of Auburn, Maine, and both Auburn and Lewiston’s residents were advised to stay put. About 45 minutes to the north of Portland is Lewiston.

A White House representative attested to CBS News that they had briefed President Biden on “what’s known so far about the mass shooting in Lewiston.”

An FBI official told CBS News that the agency is also responding.

Alejandro Mayorkas, the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, has also received a briefing.

“The entire Department of Homeland Security grieves with the loved ones of those killed and injured, and stands with the brave law enforcement officers and first responders who are currently working to secure and safeguard the people of Lewiston,” Mayorkas said in a press release.

Janet Mills, the governor of Maine, said in a statement that she had been briefed on the situation. “I urge all people in the area to follow the direction of State and local enforcement,” Mills stated. “I’ll be keeping an eye on things and staying in close contact with representatives of public safety.”

A statement from Sen. Angus King’s office in Maine stated that the senator was “deeply sad for the city of Lewiston and all those worried about their family, friends and neighbors.” Later on, Mr. Biden reached out to the senator and “offered any federal assistance he can provide to help the people of Maine,” according to a statement from King’s office.

On social media, Senator Susan Collins claimed to have spoken with Mr. Biden as well.

“As our state mourns this horrific mass shooting, we appreciate the support we’ve received from across the country, including the call I received from President Biden offering assistance,” she wrote in a letter.

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